How Do You Create A Picklist In SuccessFactors?

What is workflow in SuccessFactors?

In the SuccessFactors Employee Central system, a workflow is a sequence of connected steps that allows approval by or notification to individuals of changes to data within the system..

How do you create a cascade picklist in SuccessFactors?

For cascading picklists, the tag includes an attribute to specify a field from which the system should check for a parent field value….For example:Select “Region” à reset “Country” drop-down list to valid options.Select “Country” à reset “School” drop-down list to valid options.Select “School”

How do you create a workflow in SuccessFactors?

User need to click on Go to Workflow Request at the bottom of workflow screen and click on Go to Workflow Requests – User will have an option to Select multiple employees and Approve at the same time. SuccessFactors also allows sort and filter feature during mass approval of workflows.

What is Event reason in successfactors?

Event – The event that needs to be mapped to the event reason (The events are defined in Picklist Management) Employee Status – The status of the employee when this particular event reason is selected in his job info portlet.

What are MDF objects in SuccessFactors?

The MDF is a UI-based configuration and extension framework that provides creation, modification, maintenance, and deletion of custom objects (called Metadata Objects) within the SuccessFactors HCM suite. It replaces XML-based configuration and the need to import Master Data via CSV/Excel files.

What is generic object in SuccessFactors?

Purpose of the Generic Object. Changes to standard fields, such as data type or source of valid values (e.g., a Picklist or Foundation Object) … UI configuration created and details (e.g., object name, fields to be displayed, layout, etc.)

How do I create a custom portlet in SuccessFactors?

How to Customize a Portlet in SuccessFactors?Step 1 − Go to SuccessFactors environment → Login and you can come to Welcome screen.Step 2 − Click Toggle on the upper right hand side of the Welcome tile as shown below −Step 3 − Under Tile Setting, enter the tile name. … Step 4 − Under configure contents −More items…

How do you delegate approvals in SuccessFactors?

OF 17. … Click Quick Links.A Quick Links dialogue box will open up.Click Available.Click Auto Delegate.Click on the tickbox to activate Delegate my approvals.Click Tori Miller Senior Human Resource Advisor.Click Save.More items…

How do you configure custom workflow email notification in SuccessFactors Employee Central?

2. Create custom Template for Workflow notification in Document Generation toolGo to Manage Document Template using action search or from Admin Centre -> Employee Files -> Document Generation : Manage document template.Give template a meaningful name and description.Choose Category “Workflow”More items…•

How do I update the picklist in successfactors?

To add new picklists that did not exist previously:Admin Tools > Picklist Management > Picklists.Select “Export all picklist(s)”.Click Submit. … Create the CSV Import file with all new picklists.Select “Import Picklist”. … Select “Yes” to indicate all these picklists are new.Click Submit to upload the new picklists.

What are foundation objects in SuccessFactors?

Foundation objects are categories or structures for listings of data that are set up to be used across an entire company. This chapter will walk you through overviews, configuration, creation, and extension.

What is SAP MDF?

The Metadata Framework (which we also refer to as MDF) is SAP SuccessFactors robust extensibility framework that enables customers to extend HR cloud functionality to create company-specific objects that support their unique business processes, without the need to code. …

How do I create a MDF picklist in SuccessFactors?

Create / Update the picklist mappingGo to Admin Center > Manage Data.Create New > MDF Picklist to Legacy Picklist Map.”MDF Picklist”: select the corresponding MDF picklist.”Legacy Picklist ID”: enter the corresponding legacy picklist id.Save.

How do you create a custom object in SuccessFactors?

SAP SuccessFactors: Adding Custom UI ScreenStep 1: Go to “Configure object definition” and create a new object using “Create new” Object Definition.Step 2: Input values for Code, Effective Dating, API Visibility, Label, Description as required.Step 3: As we are going to track transport details, Iam going to add three fields in the fields section such as 1. “More items…•