Question: Are There Two Bank Holidays In May 2020?

What are the two bank holidays in May for?

Upcoming bank holidays in England and Wales1 JanuaryFridayNew Year’s Day3 MayMondayEarly May bank holiday31 MayMondaySpring bank holiday30 AugustMondaySummer bank holiday27 DecemberMondayChristmas Day (substitute day)3 more rows.

Why is last Monday in May a bank holiday?

The spring bank holiday started as the Monday after Pentecost. This is known as Whitsun or Whit Monday in the United Kingdom. The Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971, moved this bank holiday to the last Monday in May, following a trial period of this arrangement from 1965 to 1970.

Is the first Monday in May a bank holiday?

The first Monday of May is a bank holiday in the United Kingdom. It is called May Day in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is known as the Early May Bank Holiday in Scotland.

Why May bank holidays change?

The May Day bank holiday was moved to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE Day (Victory in Europe). Originally planned for Monday, May 4 the bank holiday was moved to Friday, May 8 to allow Victory in Europe (after World War II) celebrations to take place. It is only the second time the bank holiday has been moved.

Is Monday 4th a bank holiday?

But because this date falls on a Saturday in 2021, the bank holiday will actually be on Monday 4th January. Secondly, there is no Easter Monday bank holiday.

How many bank holidays are in May?

There are eight bank holidays for 2020, although the early May bank holiday date – usually the first Monday in May – was switched because of VE Day. This means the next bank holiday will fall on Monday August 31, the last day of the month.

How many weekdays are in the year 2020?

Working Day Payroll Calendar, 2020Time PeriodNumber of Working DaysOctober 1-3122November 1-3021December 1-3123Total 2020 Calendar Year Working Days2629 more rows

What are the UK bank holidays in 2020?

So here are your bank holidays for 2020:Wednesday 1st January – New Year’s Day.Friday 10th April – Good Friday.Monday 13th April – Easter Monday.Friday 8th May – Early May bank holiday (this is the one that has changed)Monday 25th May – Spring bank holiday.Monday 31st August – Summer bank holiday.More items…•

Is there an extra bank holiday this year?

Easter Monday – Monday 5 April. Early May bank holiday – Monday 3 May. Spring bank holiday – Monday 31 May. Summer bank holiday – Monday 30 August.

What are the two bank holidays in May 2020?

List of Holidays in Ireland in 2020DayDateHoliday NameFridayApr 10Good FridayMondayApr 13Easter MondayMondayMay 04May Bank HolidayMondayJun 01June Bank Holiday10 more rows

Is 25th May a bank holiday?

The Spring Bank Holiday is a national public holiday in the United Kingdom and is celebrated on the last Monday in May. … Spring Bank Holiday became a holiday in 1967 when it replaced Whit Monday as a public holiday in the UK.

Why are they called bank holidays?

National holidays have been called bank holidays in Britain since the late 19th century. The name originates because these were the days on which the banks were closed for trading. … About the only thing that hasn’t changed is that most banks are closed on bank holidays – but even that may not last much longer.

How long is May bank holiday 2020?

Normally, the Early May bank holiday falls on the first Monday of May. However, in 2020, the first May Bank Holiday will not be on May 4, but instead will take place on Friday May 8. This means the first three day weekend in May in 2020 will take place from Friday May 8 – Sunday May 10.

What date is VE Day?

May 8, 1945Victory in Europe Day (VE Day)/Date

Why is May Day a Friday?

But in 2020, instead of taking place on 4 May, the early bank holiday will be on Friday 8 May – VE Day. This was meant to ensure that the long weekend would coincide with the extended 75th anniversary celebrations of the surrender of Nazi Germany, which ended the Second World War in Europe.