Quick Answer: Can I Use My Sky Q Box In Another House?

Does Sky q work with other routers?

@grumpy2014 you cannot connect a Q mini to any third party router by wifi they only connect to a Sky hub or the main Q box.

They will connect by ethernet though..

Can you watch Sky Q in another room without multiroom?

How Can I Get Sky In Another Room For Free? Compared to the Sky+, Sky Q does not require you to physically connect additional Sky boxes to your satellite dish to get access to shows in different rooms.

How much is a sky Q box for existing customers?

Set-up: New customers: £20; Existing Sky Q customers: £20; Existing Sky+ customers upgrading to Sky Q: £40, usually £119. Subject to status. Non-standard set-up may cost extra. Weekend set-up cost £15 extra.

Can you use Sky Q multiroom in a different house?

Posts: 18,251. You would be in breach of the multiroom terms and conditions. Those require the boxes to be used in the same house and to be connected to the same telephone line. The box itself will be fine, the signal is the same.

Can I connect to my sky Q box remotely?

Sky Q customers can connect their box to the Sky Go app when using a mobile, tablet or laptop device. … Watch Live TV and On Demand shows from your Sky Q box. Watch recordings from your Sky Q box. Download recordings from your Sky Q box.