Quick Answer: How Do I Fix Greyed Out Files On My Mac?

Why is my library folder greyed out Mac?

A grayed out folder in Finder usually indicates the item is hidden, but you have enabled viewing hidden items.

I don’t know of anything in /Library that is hidden.

To enter in System library click on finder > Go > computer > Macintosh HD > Library and press command + info ( I ) , we get the window ..

Why can’t I find a file on my Mac?

So if you can’t find a specific file, press Command + Spacebar to call up the Spotlight search bar and type the file or folder name or a word it contains. Select a file in the results and hold down the Command key to view the path to where it’s stored.

Why are photos grayed out on Mac?

Grayed out thumbnails can be caused by iCloud Photo Library. The original image may need downloading from iCloud. … If you can export the photo, try to open it in Preview or a different editor.

Why have all my files disappeared Mac?

It might be because you have chosen to keep your Desktop and Documents files on iCloud and that’s why your files disappear from the desktop. If this is the case, then all you need to do is to check your iCloud settings in “System Preferences”>”iCloud”>”iCloud Drive” options.

How do I fix greyed out files and folders on Mac?

In the Finder, create a folder named “Temp” on your Desktop. Select the problematic grayed-out folder, and press Command-C to copy its path. Open the Terminal utility. Type “mv -v” followed by a single space, and then press Command-V to paste the copied folder path.

How do I find the file path on a Mac?

To see it for yourself, open a Finder window, right-click on any of your files, and select Get Info. On the following screen, look for the label that says Where and you will see the full path of your selected file on your Mac. It shows what folders and nested-folders your file is located in.

Why is my Word document greyed out?

They are temporary files (sometimes left behind, for example following a Word crash) and they are hidden, which means that they appear faded, or “greyed out” on the desktop or in File Explorer, as Doug’s picture illustrates.

How do you show hidden files on Mac?

See hidden files on Mac via Finder In Finder, open up your Macintosh HD folder. Press Command+Shift+Dot. Your hidden files will become visible. Repeat step 2 to hide them again!

Where have all my documents gone on my Mac?

The Desktop & Documents Folders setting can be accessed on the Mac via System Preferences > iCloud, then click the Options button for iCloud Drive. … Open the Documents folder in iCloud Drive, select Edit > Select All or press Command-A, and then drag or Command-drag the contents into your home Documents folder.