Quick Answer: Is Dtdc Courier Safe?

Where can I complain about Dtdc Courier?

DTDC Customer Care :DTDC Customer Helpline Number: 080-25365032, 25365039.Email Support: dtdcco@dtdc.com, css.co@dtdc.com, dtdcho@vsnl.com.Website: https://www.dtdc.in..

Which is better Dtdc or Bluedart?

Major eCommerce companies prefer Bluedart to DTDC for sending their products. Blue Dart has earned the trust of customers and it also backed up by the DHL group. … Whereas DTDC is not offering such kind of tracking APIs.

Which courier is best?

Top 10 Courier Companies in IndiaAramex India Pvt Ltd.Blue Dart Express Ltd.DHL Express India Pvt Ltd.DTDC Courier Cargo Ltd.Ecom Express Pvt Ltd.FedEx Express TSCS India Pvt Ltd.Gati Ltd.Safexpress Pvt Ltd.More items…•

What is full form of Dtdc?

Official website 2. Desk to Desk Courier & Cargo (also known as DTDC or DTDC Express Limited) is an Indian courier delivery services company, headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Is Dtdc courier good?

Dtdc courier is the worst courier… First of all they charge high and service providing is poor and after reaching to destination, branch is denying to deliver item at home. … Even if you complain the customer care they are very lazy to take action. If they do not respect the customers, then we have other better option.

Which is the safest courier service in India?

Blue dart is the best courier service which is quick and safe but it is little bit expensive so you can also go through speed post which is cheaper than blue dart and also its a good courier service.

Is Dtdc safe for laptop?

At DTDC we understand that safe packaging is imperative to the swift delivery of your shipment. … We make a wide variety of packing solutions available, from heavy materials to fragile items such as mobiles and laptop boxes etc. Do’s. Please use appropriate size boxes as per weight of the consignment.

Which courier is best in India?

10 Fastest Courier Services in India That Save You Time and Money Bluedart. Delhivery. DotZot. Gati. DHL. FedEx. XpressBees. Ecom Express.More items…•

Is it safe to send mobile through Dtdc?

Yes! It is safe to send mobile or any other expensive electronic item through courier. … Then I went to DTDC and there they told that shipment cost would be Rs 300 and insurance would be 2% of mobile cost which was 11K (2% of 11k = 220), so the total cost is 300+220=520.

What happens if Dtdc Courier is not delivered?

Generally, nonmailable packages are returned to the sender. But, if for any reason the sender will not or cannot receive it, the courier company will hold onto a parcel for a while so that the owner can file a claim. However, they cannot wait indefinitely.

How long does Dtdc delivery take?

DTDC Plus. DTDC Plus assures Next Business Day (NBD) delivery on priority in all metros and major cities. This service includes: Delivery of documents and packages up to 10 kilos.

How can I get Dtdc Courier?

DTDC Web Pickup is a total online pickup solution for the customer. Customers need to submit pickup requests through the DTDC web portal. On successful submission, the requests will be forwarded to the designated pickup office. DTDC executives will pick up the shipment from customer’s premises within a stipulated time.