Quick Answer: Is Flaming Not Allowed In Cyberspace?

What is exclusion?

An exclusion is an instance of leaving something or someone out.

If you love someone to the exclusion of all others, he or she is the only one for you.

Exclusion is closely related to some words that have a positive or negative feel..

What is flaming and spamming?

Spamming is a method used by vendors to promote products and services through the transmission of emails to a large number of people. These email addresses are acquired through usenets. Flaming, on the other hand, is the transmission of abusive messages often directed to specific individuals or groups.

What is the Golden Rule of Netiquette?

When communicating electronically, whether through email, instant message, discussion post, text, or some other method, practice the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Remember, your written words are read by real people, all deserving of respectful communication.

What is another word for flaming?

What is another word for flaming?blazingburningablazefieryignitedafireaflameragingglowinglighted42 more rows

What are the three types of flames?

There are three basic flame types: neutral (balanced), excess acetylene (carburizing), and excess oxygen (oxidizing) as shown below. A neutral flame is named neutral since in most cases will have no chemical effect on the metal being welded.

What is email Flaming and how can you avoid it?

Here are some important tips on how to avoid hitting the send button on that flaming email: 1. If you feel the urge to send a flaming email, draft it in a Word document and save it. Wait at least 24 hours before sending anything. Run the email by a trusted friend if possible.

What netiquette means?

The word netiquette is a combination of ‘net’ (from internet) and ‘etiquette’. It means respecting other users’ views and displaying common courtesy when posting your views to online discussion groups.

What does trickery mean?

the use or practice oftricks or stratagems to deceive; artifice; deception. a trick used to deceive.

Why should flames be avoided on the Internet?

Flaming varies in severity and as such so too does the reaction of states in imposing any sort of sanction. Laws vary from country to country, but in most cases, constant flaming can be considered cyber harassment, which can result in Internet Service Provider action to prevent access to the site being flamed.

What is an example of flaming?

The definition of a flame is burning gas, fire or blaze, or a strong passion. An example of a flame is a fire from a lighter. An example of a flame is an intense desire for a particular person.

How do you deal with flaming?

Perhaps the best advice I can give you to avoid or survive the flames is to over communicate….Here are five strategies to help you survive the inevitable flames and even respond appropriately to online attacks.Always thank them for engaging. … Acknowledge the truths. … Fix what you can. … Use your coffee shop skills.More items…•

What does flaming mean?

Flaming is the act of posting or sending offensive messages over the Internet. These messages, called “flames,” may be posted within online discussion forums or newsgroups, or sent via e-mail or instant messaging programs. … Flaming often leads to the trading of insults between members within a certain forum.