Quick Answer: What Clans Are Represented In Merryweather High School?

What is the final mascot in the book speak?

1) The Blue Devil mascot earns a standing ovation by back-flipping right into the principal.

2) The Merryweather Wombats.

3) We are the Hornets and that is final..

How does Ivy help Melinda in speak?

Throughout the novel, Ivy is kind and supportive, helping Melinda to see the good in her peers once again. Get the entire Speak LitChart as a printable PDF.

Who are the Marthas in speak?

The official Marthas are Meg Harcutt, Emily Briggs, and Siobhan Falls. They consider themselves followers of Martha Stewart and they decorate accordingly. They raise money and food for charity, but they also seem to be rude, shallow human beings. At least, this is how Melinda perceives them.

Why does Melinda finally reveal the truth to Rachel?

Melinda finally reveals the truth to Rachel because she doesn’t want Rachel to hate her anymore.

How does Melinda feel the first day of high school?

How does Melinda feel the first day of high school? Why? Melinda feels lonely and isolated because no one will sit with her and her friends ignore her and people pick on her. What is the new name of the Merryweather High School mascot?

Why does the mascot keep changing in speak?

In ‘Speak’ Laurie Halse Anderson she uses the ever changing mascot to show that things are always changing to try and please folks but it is often not the solution. It also shows that there is not stability in Melinda’s life and mind.

Who is Melinda’s ex best friend in speak?

NicoleNicole. Nicole is an ex-Plain Jane, one of Melinda’s former friends. She’s a talented athlete, and…

What happens to Melinda in her school’s janitor closet?

Melinda discovers an abandoned janitor’s closet at school, and she converts it a home-away-from home. … After she shares in school suspension with Andy Evans, she starts attending all her classes again. Heather tells Melinda she doesn’t want to be friends anymore, and Melinda takes it hard.

What is the new mascot of Merryweather high?

Blue DevilThe new mascot for Merryweather High School is a Blue Devil.

How is the ever changing Merryweather High mascot significant to the novel?

The first mascot featured in the book is that of the Trojans, which the school board feels does not represent the message of abstinence that they want to convey to the impressionable teenage students. The mascot is, thus, changed to the Blue Devils.

What are overbearing Eurocentric Patriarchs?

Defined Terms: overbearing Eurocentric patriarchs, 49: a patriarch is the male head of a family; Eurocentric is to believe that only ideas/values/people from Europe (even those who settled in America, basically white people) are important; overbearing means to be too pushy, too possessive, or always right.

Who does Melinda bump into at the donut shop?

Andy EvansWhat is the new mascot for Merryweather High? Who does Melinda bump into at the donut shop and how does she respond? Andy Evans. Like a scared bunny.

What author has the school district banned from the school library in the book speak?

Laurie Halse AndersonSpeak by Laurie Halse Anderson — Banned Library.

How are Melinda and Heather alike?

Unlike Melinda, Heather does not accept her role as outcast and does her best to win popularity by ingratiating herself with various groups at school. She is self-centered and unable to see that she uses Melinda (the same way Melinda uses Heather) to avoid facing the fact that they’re both friendless.

Why is Melinda worried about her appearance?

– Why is Melinda worried about her appearance? She cares about her appearance, because they do not want people to make fun of her.