Quick Answer: What Do You Do If You See A Komodo Dragon?

What happens if a Komodo dragon bites you?

Komodos have large, serrated teeth (like a shark’s) that they use to grip prey and rip open its flesh, he added.

The venom these creatures inject into their prey with every deep bite contains toxins that result in anticoagulation (the inability to stop bleeding) and hypotension (low blood pressure), Fry said..

Is Komodo dragon bite always fatal?

It has long been believed that Komodo dragon bites were fatal because of toxic bacteria in the reptiles’ mouths. … But new research from the University of Queensland has found that the mouths of Komodo dragons are surprisingly ordinary.

Can a Komodo dragon kill a human?

Attacks on humans by Komodo dragons — said to number at around 2,500 in the wild — are rare, but seem to have increased in recent years. KOMODO ISLAND, Indonesia — Komodo dragons have shark-like teeth and poisonous venom that can kill a person within hours of a bite. … Komodo dragon attacks are still rare, experts note.

What does the Komodo dragon symbolize?

The Komodo-Dragon spirit animal may be fierce and venomous, but it is also a reminder to trust in your own survival instincts. Just like the koala spirit animal, the Komodo-Dragon symbolism speaks about trusting your instincts, and to always go with what’s right.

Are you allowed to have a Komodo dragon as a pet?

No, You can’t. It’s not legal in any state to keep a Komodo dragon on your property. The reason why it’s illegal is that it’s a dangerous animal and it has a poisonous bite. Only Zoos and reservations can get permission to own a Komodo dragon.