Quick Answer: What Does Inscribe Mean?

What is topography behavior?

Topography is a term used in applied behavior analysis (ABA) to describe behavior—specifically what behavior looks like.

Topography defines behavior in an “operational” way, free of the coloration of values or expectation..

How is topography determined?

Topography refers to the contour of the physical landscape; it is roughly synonymous with “terrain.” A topographic description of a swath of country takes into account the lay of the land: the peaks and valleys, the drainage network, the scarps and depressions. … Measure the heights and depths of the terrain.

What circumscribed?

Circumscribed literally means “to draw around”. A circumscribed circle of a triangle for example is the circle that passes through all three vertices. Usually called the circumcircle.

How do you use repugnant in a sentence?

Repugnant sentence examplesIt was, however, profoundly repugnant to him. … The story is in both cases more human and less repugnant than the, in some respects, similar story of Griselda. … He appears to have been especially chagrined because the crown lands were not his personal property, but the whole of the new arrangements were repugnant to him.More items…

What port mean?

Hardware Port A hardware port is a physical connection on a computer or another electronic device. … Android devices often have a USB-C port. The purpose of a hardware port is to provide connectivity and/or electrical power to a device.

How do you use inscribe in a sentence?

Inscribe sentence examplesYou can also inscribe messages or even dates to further make your birthstone locket special. … You may wish to inscribe a message on the inside of the locket. … Choose one that’s decorative and inscribe the name and your wedding date. … Inscribe it with “Here Lies Sarah’s Youth” in black buttercream frosting.More items…

What is the opposite of inscribe?

inscribe. Antonyms: erase, efface, cancel, obliterate, expunge. Synonyms: letter, write, label, designate, delineate, mark, imprint, engrave, dedicate, address.

What carve means?

verb (used with object), carved, carv·ing. to cut (a solid material) so as to form something: to carve a piece of pine. to form from a solid material by cutting: to carve a statue out of stone.

What’s another word for engraved?

Engraved Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for engraved?carvedcutpatternedscoredscratchedchasedetchedfurrowedincisedlithographed26 more rows

How do you use topography in a sentence?

Sentence Examples As a result the topography is characterized by low, rounded hills, but is nowhere mountainous. Finally, the surface topography will often throw much light on the underground structure. The glacial era has left abundant evidences in the topography of the state.

What does inscribe mean in math?

In geometry, an inscribed planar shape or solid is one that is enclosed by and “fits snugly” inside another geometric shape or solid. … A polygon inscribed in a circle is said to be a cyclic polygon, and the circle is said to be its circumscribed circle or circumcircle.

How do you inscribe a circle in a triangle?

Inscribe a Circle in a TriangleBisect one of the angles.Bisect another angle.Where they cross is the center of the inscribed circle, called the incenter.Construct a perpendicular from the center point to one side of the triangle.More items…

What does it mean to inscribe something?

verb (used with object), in·scribed, in·scrib·ing. to address or dedicate (a book, photograph, etc.) informally to a person, especially by writing a brief personal note in or on it. … to write, print, mark, or engrave (words, characters, etc.).

What is the root of inscribe?

To inscribe means to write something in a permanent or formal way. The Latin root of inscribe is inscribere, “to write in or on.” …

What is it called when a shape is drawn inside a circle?

The word is derived from the Latin “scribere” – to write or draw. It means to draw something inside something else. In geometry it usually means drawing one shape inside another so that it just touches. For example, the figure above is a circle inscribed in a triangle.

What words have the root scrib?

-scrib-, root. -scrib- comes from Latin, where it has the meaning “write. ” This meaning is found in such words as: ascribe, circumscribe, describe, indescribable, inscribe, prescribe, proscribe, scribble, scribe, subscribe, transcribe.

What is inscription give example?

The definition of an inscription is words or letters that have been written or carved into something, or the act of writing words or letters into something. … The act of writing a message on the front page of a book you are giving as a gift is an example of inscription.

How do you use nondescript in a sentence?

Nondescript in a Sentence 🔉The man dressed in such a nondescript manner that no one remembered seeing him at the party. … Because the shop was so nondescript, I walked past it several times before realizing my mistake.More items…

How do you use prognosis in a sentence?

Examples of prognosis in a Sentence Right now, doctors say his prognosis is good. The president had a hopeful prognosis about the company’s future.

What is a synonym for inscribe?

1’his name was now inscribed above the door’ SYNONYMS. carve, write, engrave, etch, cut, chisel, chase, score, incise. imprint, stamp, impress, deboss, mark, brand.

What does topography mean?

the detailed mapping or charting of the features of a relatively small area, district, or locality. the detailed description, especially by means of surveying, of particular localities, as cities, towns, or estates. the relief features or surface configuration of an area.