Quick Answer: What Is A Distinguished Person?

What does it mean to be a distinguished gentleman?


Use distinguished in a sentence.


The definition of distinguished is an important, dignified, classy person.

An example of a distinguished man is the character “Big” from Sex and the City or a movie actor like Cary Grant..

What is a sentence for distinguished?

Distinguished sentence examples. He’s a Spanish gentleman, very distinguished looking. One morning a distinguished looking Spanish man was walking out of the room as she entered. He looked even more distinguished than usual in his Spanish garb.

What does mediocre mean?

adjective. of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good nor bad; barely adequate: The car gets only mediocre mileage, but it’s fun to drive. not satisfactory; poor; inferior: Mediocre construction makes that building dangerous.

What’s another word for distinguished?

Some common synonyms of distinguished are celebrated, eminent, famous, illustrious, noted, notorious, and renowned.

What’s the meaning of illustrious?

adjective. highly distinguished; renowned; famous: an illustrious leader. glorious, as deeds or works: many illustrious achievements.

What is the mean of distinguished?

adjective. made conspicuous by excellence; noted; eminent; famous: a distinguished scholar. having an air of distinction, dignity, or eminence: a distinguished old gentleman. conspicuous; marked.

What is a distinguished family?

1 adj If you describe a person or their work as distinguished, you mean that they have been very successful in their career and have a good reputation. (=illustrious) …a distinguished academic family. 2 adj If you describe someone as distinguished, you mean that they look very noble and respectable.

Does Distinguished mean old?

Being distinguished is a good thing: it implies good behavior, sharp dress, and an excellent reputation. Usually, someone distinguished is older: distinguished people are wise, accomplished, and professional-looking — and usually have an impressive reputation to match. …

What distinguished looking?

distinguished-looking in British English (dɪˈstɪŋɡwɪʃtˌlʊkɪŋ) adjective. having a dignified and attractive appearance. A maid had gone to the police complaining that a gray-haired, distinguished-looking gentleman had spoken to her on the street.

What does exceptionally mean?

in an exceptional manner: in an exceptional manner : to an exceptional degree especially : more than average or usual an exceptionally difficult task.

What is meant by distinguished guest?

“Distinguished” usually means that the person has received acclaim, perhaps even medals or honorary titles. These are independent of whether we like or even honour then. “Honoured” means that the speaker (and presumably the audience) deem the guest worthy of esteem.

What does Distinguished mean in law?

Distinguishing a case on its facts, or on the point of law involved, is a device used by judges usually in order to avoid the consequences of an earlier inconvenient decision which is, in strict practice, binding on them.