Quick Answer: Who Is Tom Holland Dating?

Does Tom Holland have girlfriend?

Tom Holland, 24, is reportedly dating someone new.

Sources told The Daily Mail, the “Spider-Man” actor is in an official relationship with Nadia Parkes, 24.

The two have even been spending their quarantine together in Holland’s London home..

Does Tom Holland have dyslexia?

Personal life. Holland resides in Kingston upon Thames in London, near the house of his parents and younger brothers. He has a blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Tessa. When he was seven, Holland was diagnosed with dyslexia.

Who is Tom’s new girlfriend?

90 Day Fiance star Tom Brooks introduced his girlfriend Amanda McAdams to a few members of the TLC show. Tom appeared on Before the 90 Days, but that doesn’t stop him from hanging out with people who actually had a wedding.

Who is Tom Holland partner?

Tom Holland Has Reportedly Been Dating His Girlfriend Olivia Bolton ‘for Months’ Update, 4/5/20: Tom Holland and his girlfriend, Olivia Bolton, have reportedly split, according to The Daily Mail. They were first romantically linked in July 2019.

Is Jacob elordi still dating Zendaya?

Though both Zendaya and Jacob Elordi continue to dodge rumors regarding a possible romance, the two Euphoria stars have been spotted together all over the globe in recent months: first sparking relationship rumors with a secret trip to Greece last year, and most recently while flying to Elordi’s home country of …

Who has Zendaya kissed?

Never miss a Moment Literally Zendaya has kissed Zac Efron AND Tom Holland, is there a more superior human being in existence? for the record, Zendaya’s “superiority” is not dependent on who she kissed. It’s just a cool thing that she got to do. For her career.

Who is Zendaya’s boyfriend?

Jacob Elordi5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Zendaya’s Boyfriend, Jacob Elordi. We’ve grown to love Zendaya over the years after seeing her in The Greatest Showman, Spider-Man: Far From Home and the HBO hit TV show, Euphoria. And who can forget her amazing style? (We’re still not over this pantsuit.)

Is Joey King still dating?

Jacob Elordi and Joey King know that dating in the public eye can be a bit brutal when you’re a Hollywood star. The two actors, who co-star and reunite in the upcoming movie The Kissing Booth 2, know from experience. The pair dated for more than a year after filming the first rom-com, before calling it quits in 2018.

Are Tom Holland and Zendaya still together?

June 2019: Holland shoots down the Zendaya dating rumors again. The actor tells ELLE in an interview that he is single and not romantically involved with anyone—so no, he’s not with Zendaya. He admits he is “definitely a relationship person.

Who is Tom Holland wife?

Jake GyllenhaalNew Delhi: Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal are getting married, according to Mysterio’s Instagram post.

Who is Zendaya dating now 2020?

Jacob ElordiZendaya and Jacob Elordi currently star on HBO’s “Euphoria.” Fans think that the two actors are dating in real life. Zendaya reportedly called Elordi her “best friend” and he told GQ Australia that she’s “like my sister.” The pair were seen kissing in New York City in February 2020.