Quick Answer: Why Do Lloyds Use A Black Horse?

What is the Lloyds black horse called?

Downlands CancaraDownlands Cancara (1 May 1975 – June 2006) was an English graded Trakehner stallion famous for representing Lloyds Bank as the Black Horse in a long-running series of television adverts..

Are black horse part of Lloyds?

The Black Horse – Lloyds Banking Group plc.

Who owns the Black Horse in the Lloyds advert?

Susan AttewSusan Attew, of Holme Park Stud, is the proud owner of the chosen horse, and said: “We’re thrilled that our stallion, Holme Grove Prokofiev, is the new face of Lloyds Bank.

Are the horses real in the Lloyds advert?

Generations can learn from each other, as the horse and its foal demonstrate. The black horse saga continues in Lloyds Bank’s new campaign about the importance of relationships between generations. … Adam & Eve/DDB used real horses, tamed by a team of wranglers, to film the ad. Untold Studios created the visual effects.

What breed is the Lloyds Bank horse 2020?

Black Trakehner StallionThe “Lloyds Bank Black Horse” is a Black Trakehner Stallion!

Why has Lloyds Bank got a black horse?

The symbol adopted by Taylors and Lloyds was the beehive, representing industry and hard work. The black horse regardant device dates from 1677, when Humphrey Stokes adopted it as sign for his shop.