What Is A Livelihood Strategy?

What is livelihood training program?

The livelihood training process is a skill-training program that will cater the residents of depressed areas whose income falls below the poverty line, the out-of-school youth and the unemployed..

What does livelihood mean?

noun. a means of supporting one’s existence, especially financially or vocationally; living: to earn a livelihood as a tenant farmer.

What are the factors that determine a person’s means of livelihood?

A livelihood can be defined as the activities, the assets, and the access that jointly determine the living gained by an individual or household. The framework provides insights on the link between income and food security, which are both presented as livelihood outcomes.

What is a livelihood center?

NULM aims to reduce poverty and vulnerability of the urban poor households by enabling them to access gainful self employment and skilled wage employment opportunities, resulting in an appreciable improvement in their livelihoods on a sustainable basis, through building strong grassroots level institutions of the poor.

What is another way to say quality of life?

What is another word for quality of life?happinesshealthwelfarewellbeingcomfortstandard of living

What is livelihood outcome?

Livelihood outcomes are what household members achieve through their livelihood strategies, such as levels of food security, income security, health, well-being, asset accumulation and high status in the community.

What is the difference between rural and urban livelihood?

1)Rural livelihoods are based upon primary activities like farming and fishing. Urban livelihoods are based upon secondary and tertiary activities like manufacturing and services. 2)Rural livelihood involves living with and being sustained by nature. … Urban areas have a large migrant population.

What are the different types of sources of livelihood in the village?

Types of Rural Livelihoods1] Agriculture Labourers. Agriculture labourers are those people in rural areas who work as labour in fields and get daily wages. … 2] Farmers. … 3] Farmers with Other Sources of Income. … 4] Rich Farmers and Landowners.

What is the sustainable livelihood framework?

The sustainable livelihoods framework helps to organize the factors that constrain or enhance livelihood opportunities and shows how they relate to one another. A central notion is that different households have different access livelihood assets, which the sustainable livelihood approach aims to expand.

What do you mean by rural livelihood?

A rural livelihood is defined as: “the capabilities, assets and activities that rural people require for a means of living.” It is considered sustainable “when it can cope with and recover from stresses and shocks, and maintain or enhance its capabilities and assets– both now and in the future– while not undermining …

What does upkeep mean?

the act of maintaining in good condition1 : the act of maintaining in good condition : the state of being maintained in good condition. 2 : the cost of maintaining in good condition.

What are the livelihood assets?

Livelihood assets refer to the resource base of different households, and are classified into five categories: human, social, financial, natural, and physical (DfID, 1999). … Thus, livelihood development interventions should alleviate major dependency on the environment, as this undermines the natural resource base.

What is the purpose of livelihood?

A livelihood is sustainable when it enables people to cope with and recover from shocks and stresses (such as natural disasters and economic or social upheavals) and enhance their well-being and that of future generations without undermining the natural environment or resource base.

What are the sources of our livelihood?

Farm sources of livelihood are generally dominate in rural areas and include crop, livestock, forest, rented out the land, agriculture wages labor, farm machinery, fruit, vegetable, and fodder.

What’s another word for livelihood?

Livelihood Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for livelihood?livingmeansemploymentjobmaintenanceoccupationsustenanceincomekeepnourishment58 more rows

How will you describe the livelihood of the Filipino?

Farming is the main source of livelihood of the Filipinos. Farms make up one-half of our total land area. Farmers work on our rich soil. … Farmlands in the Philippines include fruit and vegetable farms where crops such as rice, corn, tobacco, coconut and abaca are produced.

What is another word for manage?

Some common synonyms of manage are conduct, control, and direct. While all these words mean “to use one’s powers to lead, guide, or dominate,” manage implies direct handling and manipulating or maneuvering toward a desired result.

What are the livelihood activities?

OG lib-leit) refers to their “means of securing the basic necessities (food, water, shelter and clothing) of life”. Livelihood is defined as a set of activities essential to everyday life that are conducted over one’s life span. Such activities could include securing water, food, fodder, medicine, shelter, clothing.

What are the types of livelihood?

Generally, household livelihood strategies can be divided into 3 types: agriculture intensification, livelihood diversification, and migration [33,34].