Where Do I Find My Plusnet Account Number?

How do I find my broadband password?

Right-click on your wireless network, then select “Properties” from the pop-up menu.

Click the “Security” tab in the “Wireless Properties” window.

Select the check box next to “Show characters” to reveal the broadband password in the “Network security key” box..

How long is my Plusnet contract?

Plusnet contracts usually last 12 or 18 months.

Is Plusnet owned by BT?

On 30 January 2007, Plusnet was acquired by BT Group, but it continues to operate as a separate business. By December 2013, it had over 750,000 customers across the UK.

How do I access my Plusnet email?

You can get to your email account at any time:Go to the Member Centre.Log in with your Plusnet username and password.Click on Email Settings (it’s on the menu, on the left)Click Manage My Mail – this’ll show your settings.Or you can head over to or email.plus.net and log in from there.

What is my Plusnet router password?

Permalink. The username is admin. The password is the serial number, which is on the sticker on the bottom of your router and on the set-up card that came with it. It looks something like this: CPYYWWPPXXX.

How do I login to my Plusnet router?

Connect to your routerEnter the IP of your router in your browser’s address bar. The IP should be unless you’ve changed it.If you’re asked to log in, enter your router username and password.

Where is Plusnet customer service based?

SheffieldThe Plusnet Customer Service Centre operates in Sheffield and Leeds and is responsible for delivering the award-winning customer service that Plusnet’s known for.

Why is Plusnet online chat unavailable?

Re: Live chat unavailable Plusnet took a business decision to suspend all Live Chat (except for cancellations) until at least some time on Monday 10th September. They don’t have sufficient staff to handle the long phone queues and the Chat system at this point in time.

Are Plusnet any good?

If you’re after low-price broadband, Plusnet is one of the best providers out there. Download speeds are akin to some of the more costly providers, customer support is excellent, and, according to Ofcom, its service garners very few complaints. … Plusnet vs BT. Plusnet vs TalkTalk.

How do I find my modem username and password?

Connection HubOpen a web browser.When prompted, enter the Connection Hub username (the default is admin).Enter the Connection Hub password (the default is admin).Click OK.Click Wireless.The wireless settings are displayed, including the network name (SSID) and password.

How do I find my router username and password without resetting it?

How to Find Router Username and Password (No Reset Required)Use the Router Password Kracker. Router password Kracker is a free-to-use tool to recover lost username and passwords of routers. … Use RouterPassView. … Look for the sticker at the back of your router. … Use the router’s default name and password. … How to forward ports without knowing the password.

How do I find my broadband ID?

Login to your modem by typing 192.168. 1.1 and when asked for username and password, put both as ‘admin’ (without the inverted comma). Advanced Setup → WAN service. Under a field named PPP username, you will find your broadband user id.

How do I find my Plusnet username and password?

If you’ve forgotten your username you can find it in the Connection Details section of the Member Centre. If it’s your password you can’t remember fill out our forgotten password form and we’ll send you details on how to reset it.

What is the number for Plusnet?

810 44 345 140 0200Plusnet/Customer service

How can I login to my router?

Complete these steps:Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer.Go to the Address bar and enter the IP Address of your router then press Enter. For example, 192.168. … A new window prompts for a User name and Password.

What Colour should my Plusnet router be?

What the lights on your router meanLight / ColourWhat it meansBroadband / flashingThere’s a problem with the broadband signal. Make sure all the cables and microfilters are plugged in properlyBroadband / greenBroadband’s detected and workingInternet / offThere’s no Internet connection15 more rows

Which network does Plusnet use?

EE networkPlusnet Mobile is proud to use the EE network. Providing 80% geographic and 99% population coverage across the UK, you’ll rarely struggle to fill those signal bars.

How much is Plusnet line rental?

Line rental costs £19.99 a month. Pay for 12 months line rental in advance and save money. Line Rental Saver costs £209.88 for 12 months line rental (monthly equivalent £17.49).