Why Is It Legal To Drink In A Limo?

However, California’s law against drinking in a motor vehicle does NOT apply to passengers in buses, taxis and limousines that carry passengers for hire and are licensed to do so—the classic examples being “party buses” and rented limousines.

A “highway” doesn’t mean only limited access freeways..

Is an empty beer can an open container?

A can, bottle, cup or any other container which is completely empty is no longer an open container … it is trash! You can have 100 open beer cans in your floorboard and as long as each one of them is empty, they are trash, and nothing more.

Can you drink beer in the bed of a truck?

If you drive a pickup truck, feel free to keep alcohol in the bed of the truck as long as it’s at least two feet away from the cab’s back windows (where passengers could potentially reach it). This is the best way to avoid getting a container charge for breaking open container laws.

Can you have an open container in a limo?

Passengers in or drivers of a bus, taxi, limousine, “housecar” or camper are exempt from prosecution under California’s open container laws for possessing an open container. … The exception lies with limousines, as alcohol may be locked in these cars in an area that is normally occupied by passengers.

Can you drink in a limo in Ontario?

Drinking in limos is generally prohibited in Ontario , but we only allow it for Weddings. For all other occasions and services such as club runs there is a strict no alcohol in limo policy.

Alcohol should never be opened in a moving RV or RV that is not at its site. It’s understandable that your passenger may want a cold one during a long road trip, open container laws are the same in RVs as they are in regular automobiles. … Never under any circumstances should the driver of the RV consume alcohol.

Can you keep open alcohol in your trunk?

From the archives: Law change permits open liquor in cars Before the legislative change made by then-premier Ralph Klein’s government, liquor could only be transported in a vehicle if it was sealed and stored in the glove box or trunk. … That means liquor bottles can no longer be near anyone in the car.

Can you smoke in a limo?

2. Smoking: These days, most limousine companies’ contracts forbid the use of cigarettes and other tobacco products in their vehicles. … Most chauffeurs will be happy to stop and accommodate a cigarette break if you ask ahead of time, and provided you smoke outside the vehicle.

Can passengers drink alcohol in a car in Ontario?

Thank you. Open liquor in a motor vehicle must not be readily accessible to anyone in the motor vehicle (stored behind the seat, in the trunk, etc.). Passengers are not permitted to consume alcohol in a moving vehicle.

Can you drink on a party bus in Ontario?

According to Section 32(1) of Ontario’s Liquor Licence Act (LLA) it is forbidden to consumer alcoholic drinks in a vehicle while it is moving. Having sealed alcohol is allowed in the party bus, and it may be consumed before or after the road trip. …

Can you get a DUI sleeping in an RV?

Even while driving an RV your passengers may indulge in alcohol in the living quarters as long as it is not in the drivers compartment and not accessable to the driver.So,yes,you the driver can get plastered in a parked RV but only in the living quarters.

Can you walk around in an RV while driving?

Although it is possible to walk around inside the RV while it’s moving, we recommend you stay seated with your seatbelt fastened whenever possible. … Although most are very “gray” about passengers in the rear of the vehicle, all people sitting in the driver and passenger seat of an RV must be belted at all times.