Will And Going To Questions Exercises?

What is the difference between will and going to?

When you’re talking about actions that are far into the future (months or maybe years from now), use WILL.

When you’re talking about actions that you will do soon (tomorrow or next week), use GOING TO.

When you want to ask/request for something, use WILL)..

What is future going to?

Going to future expresses a conclusion regarding the immediate future or an action in the near future that has already been planned or prepared.

Will or going to questions?

Will + infinitiveBe going to + infinitiveA decision at the moment of speaking: Julie: There’s no milk. John: Really? In that case, I’ll go and get some.A decision before the moment of speaking: Julie: There’s no milk. John: I know. I’m going to go and get some when this TV programme finishes.3 more rows

Will and going to for prediction?

Going to is used with predictions. When you are making a decision use will; use going to after the decision has been made. We sometimes also use the present continuous for planned events in the near future. When we want to talk about future facts or things we believe to be true about the future, we use will.

Will going to conversation questions?

THE DISCUSSION ON GOING TOWhat are you going to do with your life?What are you going to do after this class?Where are you going to go for your next holiday?Are you going to meet anyone at the weekend?Are you going to watch television tonight?What book are you going to read next?More items…

Will yes no questions?

FormQUESTIONAFFIRMATIVE SHORT ANSWERNEGATIVE SHORT ANSWERWill she…?Yes, she will.No, she will not. / No, she won’t.Will I…?Yes, you will.No, you will not. / No, you won’t.Shall I…?Yes, please.No, thank you.Are you going to…?Yes, I am.No, I’m not.1 more row

How do you use will in a question?

WillAffirmative form. Will comes first in the verb phrase in a statement (after the subject and before another verb). … Negative form. The negative form of will is won’t. … Question form. The subject and will change position to form questions. … Will or ‘ll? We commonly use ‘ll as the short form of will and shall.

Will prediction examples?

Examples: Predictions for the year 2050. In the year 2050, we will have flying cars. In the year 2050, there won’t be any more war….With will, it’s common to use the short forms:I will –> I’ll.You will –> You’ll.He will –> He’ll.She will –> She’ll.It will –> It’ll.We will –> We’ll.They will –> They’ll.

How do you teach difference between will and going to?

Will and Going to Differences in Usage Will is used to express future actions decided at the moment of speaking while Going to describes future plans decided before the moment of speaking.